James R. Gass, Attorney at Law Redlands Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’re charged with a crime, aggressive defense is an absolute necessity. Proper handling of a criminal case often includes trial by jury. Many attorneys have never tried a case, and never will.  Don’t hire an attorney who is not willing and capable to go to trial. Mediocre defense could lead to a harsh sentence, so it is in your best interest to work with a respected attorney such as James R. Gass. With James Gass on your side, you can emerge from this ordeal with a reduced sentence, dismissed charges, or a not guilty verdict.

Service Area

Conveniently based in Redlands, California, James R. Gass,  serves clients residing in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. He is highly regarded in the Redlands area, having earned the award for Readers Choice Top Attorney from the San Bernardino Sun in 2014. Heavily involved in the local professional community, James Gass is a proud member of the State Bar of California since 1991.

Practice Areas

James Gass has a long and impressive history as a criminal defense lawyer, having achieved favorable outcomes in a vast array of misdemeanor and felony cases. He is willing to assist his clients with a wide range of criminal matters. Whether you require bail advice or representation as you fight murder or assault charges, you can count on James R. Gass for legal support.

The Necessity of a High-Quality Redlands Criminal Defense Attorney

Your Redlands criminal defense attorney could spell the difference between dismissed charges and a harsh sentence. A skilled attorney will provide strong legal advocacy every step of the way, beginning with  the initial free consultation. In both misdemeanor and felony cases, it is important to work with an aggressive attorney who will fight passionately on your behalf.

James Gass is known for his assertive approach to courtroom matters. He is obviously at ease in the contentious courtroom environment, where he uses his exceptional communication skills to clearly present each case. His courtroom skill is regularly commended by both clients and fellow attorneys.

Reach out to James R. Gass, Attorney at Law, at your earliest convenience to learn more about his approach to criminal law. The sooner you have a trusted Redlands criminal defense attorney on your side, the more likely you are to emerge with a favorable case resolution.

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