Redlands Criminal Defense Attorney

Whenever you are facing criminal charges, you need to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney. When you are facing violent crime charges like murder, homicide or assault, you will want to contact a Redlands criminal defense attorney who is fully prepared to litigate your case.

In many cases, you will find out you are under investigation because the police suspect you of being involved in a murder, homicide or assault. Immediately upon learning an investigation is ongoing, you should contact James R. Gass, Attorney at Law. Remember, the police are going to work with a prosecutor to build a case against you. You may be called in numerous times to be questioned by law enforcement and you should have an attorney representing your interests at all times.

Redlands Assault Penalties

Violent confrontations can result in assault charges that result in penalties ranging from a small fine, to life in prison. There are many factors involved in properly assessing assault or battery charges. Sometimes a short fight can result in attempted murder, or even a murder charge.  Don’t try to handle this type of situation alone.  You could find yourself in jail facing state prison time. Additionally, you may have to pay a steep fine and restitution, and a conviction could  mean you will have a criminal record permanently. Having a violent crime conviction on your record could impact your ability to find work, obtain loans and locate housing. A Redlands criminal defense attorney who understands the legal system may help you avoid some or all of these consequences of a  conviction.

Murder and Homicide Defense

Anytime a life is taken a homicide charge may be filed. Homicide charges can be filed after an auto accident, after a fight that resulted in someone getting killed, or after some other type of accidental killing, or a killing which occurs during the commission  of another crime such as robbery.

Murder is charged in degrees and takes into consideration the state of mind of the perpetrator at the time of the killing. Fear, planning, weapon use, prior record, prior dealings with the victim, all play a part in evaluating a homicide/murder case.

In most cases, people do not plan to kill someone, instead it occurs because they believed they were defending themselves or a loved one. However, the prosecutor has a vested interest in attempting to file the most serious charges, which is why you need to work with a Redlands criminal defense attorney as soon as you are arrested or become aware you are under investigation. We are prepared to listen to the circumstances that led up to the charges and help make sure you are prepared for answering questions during the investigation and once the case goes to court.

If you are facing criminal charges including murder, homicide or assault, contact a Redlands criminal defense attorney, James R. Gass, Attorney at Law at 909-798-6676.

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